Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to detect if your lover is cheating on you.

Ok. I just read this article about "How to detect if your lover is cheating on you" and seriously no wonder why most women out there are paranoid freaks! This was a total load of shit! SOME of them do point out obviously warning signs like "they come home smelling of someone elses purfume or the he has lipstick on his lips" thats an obvious one! And some of them could be a warning signs if your lover was cheating on you. But im just pointing out some of the 'other sides' to the list. To name a few...

1. If your loved one works with people, such as at a bar or restaurant especially as a waitress or bartender they might suddenly tell you not to visit them at work. This usually means they are hiding something at their workplace whether it be with a co-worker or a regular customer such as at a bar

OK! Ever thought that your boyfriend doesnt like to be bothered at work? Expecially if their a bartender or waitress there pretty full on jobs (cos i was one) and you never have time to just sit there and chat. Popping in just to say 'hello, goodbye' is no problem for me. But if someone came in and demanded a converstation with me while i was busy working id be telling them the same thing.
Besides i work with people. Does that mean IM having an affair?

2. When they suddenly need a cell phone or pager and you are discouraged from ever looking at it or using it.

Ever heard of a little thing called privacy? You want it so give him some too. I have nothing to hide in my phone yet i hate it when people just go looking through it. ITS RUDE! Thats like me going to your house and looking through your draws, you might not have anything to hide in there but you still feel like your being invaded. Besides if you trust is that low that you have too look through their phone because you have a suspicion then somethings wrong there. I mean of course when their getting strange phone calls in the middle of the night and saying its their mum then of course worry away. But if he just doesnt like you looking through his phone doesnt mean hes cheating.

3. When they arrive home and head straight into the shower or bath.

Yeah i do this alot. Sometimes when you've had a stressful day or its boiling hot outside the first thing you wana do when you get home IS have a shower. Its relaxing, cools you down, warms you up whatever! Does not mean hes cheating.

4.When they begin to make "kinky" requests or suggest wildly erotic play during sex including things you have never done before.

Ok this is just stupid. If my boyfriend was requesting things ive never done (which happens alot *raises eyebrows*) that doesnt mean his cheating, it means that he feels comfortable with you to be able to express his sexual interests. This is a good thing! If hes opening up about his sexual desires it means he finally trusts you and wants to explore with you.

5.When they talk to you they treat you abusively or with disdain, disrespect or excessive sarcasm. They may also demonstrate an unexplained aloofness or indifference in the relationship. Or, they may begin to find fault in everything you do in an attempt to justify their affair.

That just means hes an absolute wanker and you need to dump his ass. If he thinks its ok to treat you like shit when you've done nothing wrong then you deserve better.

6.When you notice an increased attention to losing weight or paying more attention to their appearance.

OH JEEZ! Shoot them for wanting to look good for you and themselves! How dare they start caring about how they look *shakes head*

7. When they break their established routine at work and home for no apparent or logical reason.

This is something i do alot. When you work 9-5 or whatever and the routine is the same everyday "Get up, go to work, come home, eat and sleep" it DOES wear you down and you start to feel like a fucking machine. If someone starts doing random shit like 'taking walks or weird shopping trips' i wouldnt count it as cheating their just trying to break the routine, JOIN IN they'll probably love that your doing something with them and helping them have some fun.

Thats all i have really. Seriously no wonder why so many people are paranoid about their partner cheating on them, womens magazines fill their head with this shit on a daily basis. Women wouldnt even think about their partner cheating until they read this and think "omg my boyfriend does that" then all the accusations start. It all pretty much comes down to trust, if you dont trust them then your always gonna live in fear of them leaving you for someone else. If you trust them and they shit all over it then they werent worth your time.