Sunday, August 15, 2010

I want the money!

Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save!

Soundwave and Sunset falls festival in Brisbane next year!
Man! Such expensive things I want! haha.

New rules to save money...

1: No ebay!
2: No opshops (Yes i rack up alota money in those places)
3: NO TAKE AWAY! (I cant help if I like alota chinese food!)
4: No Asian markets (I buy too much Asian crap haha)

I think ive got enough big fluffy asian things to last me a life time! I NEED TO SAVEEEEEEEE!
I got a new laptop too!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did anyone know?

I dont buy cigarettes anymore? I feel special=)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My idol

Chrissy Amphlett. I hope Im this fucking awesome when Im on stage!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Watching 'up' always gets my eyes teary, my heart flying and my brain ticking away with the idea of never ending love.
What happened to the days where you met someone, they treated you right, always opened the door for you, they made you laugh and thats all you wanted!? You married them, you shared everything with them, highs, lows, sickness, fights and you love them until the day you die.
That doesnt happen anymore and its so sad. People really dont know what they've got and always want more. And something as small as 'not making breakfast for them in the morning' is enough for them to pack their bags and look for someone new who makes breakfast for them.
Do little things like that really matter? Sure its nice but it shouldnt be enough to break up with someone.

To me love is someone that tells me Im pretty even if Im blocked up, red nosed and sick looking when ive got a cold, someone that always laughs along with me and makes me laugh, someone that will pack up and leave somewhere in the world in a instant just try something new, sends me random msgs like "someone smells" during the day, spoons me at night, always encourages the good things I do/wana do, will watch re-runs of tv shows over and over and over and over again until they finally lose their funny, likes the music I do and talk about music with me all day but most of all I want someone who will love the good and the annoying things that make<3

When i find that someone, I wana love them, squeeze them, marry them and live a full, long, happy life with them. Sit around the table drinking and telling the many stories we've both had, kiss them and say "I love you" everyday, grow old and grumpy with eachother and complain about society and 'the children of today'. I want a house with lots of dogs, cats, rats, and lots and lots of animals that we both love and take care of and I still want to look into his eyes and see the same man I married all those years ago only older and uglier like a grapefruit. Then when our time is up I want us to hold each other until are old wrinkled gross hearts die at the same time and then go to heaven and ride motorbikes with tennis racket guitars like the old people on tv do. I'll never use the words "too long" or "Ball and chain" when im talking about my husband. If you love a person your not meant to talk about your love like its a bad thing and that it ruins your life. Your partner is meant to make you smile everyday and give you that warm fuzzy feeling everytime you see him.
I want my love to last forever.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dont flash your fanny in public

I feel so overwhelmed with pride!
Ive stopped making excuses, stopped worrying about money and Im actually doing what Ive wanted to do for ages. When you actually start living for today and stop thinking about tomorrow things actually do work out better, so its not just a metaphor used for rich rock stars who can afford/able to live for today.
I'll tell you later on whats so exciting about my life right now. Wait 6 weeks=)