Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wana make food like this!!!

I wish i had a nose

I got this idea from reading someone else's blog. You pretty much just list things that you think people wouldnt know about you. Its very vain but kinda good i guess incase people wonder what your all about=)

*I love everything japanese, food culture, clothes, cartoons, language anything! Seriously anything cute or crap that comes from Japan i can get my hands on ill buy!

*Spongebob is the funniest cartoon ive ever seen besides Warner bro's cartoons with family racisim and cigar smoking bunny rabbits.

*(Figured i should clear the air here) Im not really into tattoos as much as people think. Im more into tattoo culture and the art side. Besides too many people have shit tattoos (yeah including me, getting it lazered off soon) in this city and get them just for the image so i kinda have my nose up in the air about it.

*90% of my conversation is said sarcasticly. Every sentence has a quote from the simpsons, family guy or a random movie so try to keep up.

*I hate people who care too much about spelling, who cares? you know what the word means so why make a big deal about it?

*I find it soooooo hard to find girlfriends! I've noticed that alot of girls my age tend to try and grow up too fast and act "mature". I really dont wana talk about what bad habits my boyfriend has or the new sheets i got for my bedroom. I just wana talk about music, clothes, makeup, Liam Neeson, heels, things girls should be talking about at my age. I have no interest in a white picket fence just yet.

*I cut up EVERY shirt i own and find it very hard to own a top without cutting it haha. I'll seriously look at a shirt and get an itch if its still got the collar on it haha.

*I love the manure smell of a cow truck....SO WHAT!

* I collect sega games and Super nitendo favourite is yoshi cos he's cute and green and green is my favourite colour.

*Im defiantly not one of those girls who "doesnt care about the haters" seriously, if i found out someone hated me for no reason id practically do anything to get them to like me! (if their worth it)

*I never think before i speak, Its all part of being welsh its hard for me not to be a loud, over the top, insulting, obnoxious.

*I think a womens vagina is like a precious jewel that should be polished and taken care of above everything in your life. I dont like people who thrash and destroy their precious jewels and then complain that their jewel is all scratch and musty looking.

* I love octopus's=)

*I FUCKING HATE WEED! Its the most vile, stupid, stinky drug ive ever seen! I cant stand the persona's that come out of people when their on that shit!!! their either stupid slow and retarded or their angry and dull. Id rather someone take pills then to smoke that shit around me!!!

*I really dislike controlling friends. Its my life so i will like or dislike anyone in my life that i choose. When people try to put their hatred towards other people on me i think its incredibly stupid and unfair.

* I love animals and have a pretty little rat that brings me lots of love and joy. I get incredibly annoyed when people think that just because its a rat that its worth nothing. You get attached to a rat just like a dog or a cat just because its small it doesnt mean it cant love. When my other rat past away i heard "Its just a rat, its no big deal" well hrmmmm maybe i should run over your dog and kill it, then afterwards ill say to you "Oh its just a dog, get a new one" same deal.

* Nothing in this world makes me happier than a hug and cuddles <3 Im a complete cuddle monster and could spend hours just cuddling. I even invented a cuddling position that suits males=) When Justin plays xbox and wrap my arms and legs around his back just like a koala so he can play un-interuptted while im being happy. I even gave it a name "The koala bear". When im drunk it gets fucking ten times worse, so people should be prepared for hugs when im around.

*I dont understand people who have casual relationships...seriously I would go mad! I mean far enough if it makes you happy but relationships are meant to be about love and you cant love someone who doesnt spend more than an hour at your house can you?

*i love horror movies expecially ones with lots of gore and blood and rusted bloody rooms...hence the reason Saw, Silent hill and hostel are up my alley.

*Teeth make me sick, if you hit my tooth i will start crying. I hate spiders ill cry and scream if i see one, its no joke i am actually petrified of spiders but will hold a snake anyday=)

*I love burlesque.

*I hope to be out of Adelaide in a year and out of this country in 3 years.

And thats it.