Sunday, August 15, 2010

I want the money!

Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save! Gotta save!

Soundwave and Sunset falls festival in Brisbane next year!
Man! Such expensive things I want! haha.

New rules to save money...

1: No ebay!
2: No opshops (Yes i rack up alota money in those places)
3: NO TAKE AWAY! (I cant help if I like alota chinese food!)
4: No Asian markets (I buy too much Asian crap haha)

I think ive got enough big fluffy asian things to last me a life time! I NEED TO SAVEEEEEEEE!
I got a new laptop too!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did anyone know?

I dont buy cigarettes anymore? I feel special=)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My idol

Chrissy Amphlett. I hope Im this fucking awesome when Im on stage!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Watching 'up' always gets my eyes teary, my heart flying and my brain ticking away with the idea of never ending love.
What happened to the days where you met someone, they treated you right, always opened the door for you, they made you laugh and thats all you wanted!? You married them, you shared everything with them, highs, lows, sickness, fights and you love them until the day you die.
That doesnt happen anymore and its so sad. People really dont know what they've got and always want more. And something as small as 'not making breakfast for them in the morning' is enough for them to pack their bags and look for someone new who makes breakfast for them.
Do little things like that really matter? Sure its nice but it shouldnt be enough to break up with someone.

To me love is someone that tells me Im pretty even if Im blocked up, red nosed and sick looking when ive got a cold, someone that always laughs along with me and makes me laugh, someone that will pack up and leave somewhere in the world in a instant just try something new, sends me random msgs like "someone smells" during the day, spoons me at night, always encourages the good things I do/wana do, will watch re-runs of tv shows over and over and over and over again until they finally lose their funny, likes the music I do and talk about music with me all day but most of all I want someone who will love the good and the annoying things that make<3

When i find that someone, I wana love them, squeeze them, marry them and live a full, long, happy life with them. Sit around the table drinking and telling the many stories we've both had, kiss them and say "I love you" everyday, grow old and grumpy with eachother and complain about society and 'the children of today'. I want a house with lots of dogs, cats, rats, and lots and lots of animals that we both love and take care of and I still want to look into his eyes and see the same man I married all those years ago only older and uglier like a grapefruit. Then when our time is up I want us to hold each other until are old wrinkled gross hearts die at the same time and then go to heaven and ride motorbikes with tennis racket guitars like the old people on tv do. I'll never use the words "too long" or "Ball and chain" when im talking about my husband. If you love a person your not meant to talk about your love like its a bad thing and that it ruins your life. Your partner is meant to make you smile everyday and give you that warm fuzzy feeling everytime you see him.
I want my love to last forever.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dont flash your fanny in public

I feel so overwhelmed with pride!
Ive stopped making excuses, stopped worrying about money and Im actually doing what Ive wanted to do for ages. When you actually start living for today and stop thinking about tomorrow things actually do work out better, so its not just a metaphor used for rich rock stars who can afford/able to live for today.
I'll tell you later on whats so exciting about my life right now. Wait 6 weeks=)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Man Im so pissed. What is with Australia's half assed winter? All year and all summer Ive been so keen for stormy nights, chilly days and rugging up and drinking coffee. And what do I get? Approximately a total of 1 weeks heavy rain, ONE night storm and TWO so-so rainy nights. IS THAT IT!? Is that all i get?

All those crazy stupid people who love the boiling hot 40 degree heat waves in summer get 5months of their weather! All i ask for is 3 months of beautiful weather where Im not sweating like crazy, shooing away flies, getting burnt, feeling sticky, not sleeping all night and being hot and bothered.
I just want a nice winter with endless stormy nights, cold icey breeze, waking up in the morning seeing ice on the lawn, laying in bed and listening to the rain hit your roof, cuddling in a warm bed drinking hot chocolate and rugging up during the day in your scarf's and beanies=) Why cant I have my nice weather? Everyone gets boiling hot days how come i cant be cold? I counting the days until I move to a nice icey climate where I can be a rugged up little igloo and smile all the time because im not hot.

I want this.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My babies

(uptop) sticky on her first rainy day! She got all flickery and happy because all these rain drops were falling her head.

Flower, my little marshmellow this was when she was still small and heaps shy. Now shes all big and adventurous and is bigger than Sticky now!
I love how they snuggle up and keep each other warm. Just like in this photo when Sticky was mothering a very small and scared baby Squeaky which now belongs to Justin.

My so attached to my babies, everyday morning when i wake up, I go to their cage and take them out and cover them with kisses!!! Then i take them in my room for them to have a run around and for me to tickle them (they love being tickled).
I go to school then rush home and cover them with kisses again! When I spend a night away i get heaps upset and think about them constantly! One night i missed them so much i started crying!!!
But this is just a dedication to my babies to say they bring me so much love and happiness and they give me something to wake up too=)

Friday, July 16, 2010

If i was a cartoon character....

I'd defiantly be Toot from Drawn Together. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha....

Monday, July 12, 2010

My phone face

Apparently I just make this real ugly weird face when im talking on the phone haha heres a photo!

hahaha i was at burp...mmmmm burito!

First day of study

Was awesome!!! My teacher is super awesome and is in a band too.
Annnnnnnnd...Im the only girl in my class haha WOOOOO girls toilets all to me!
It just proves how much music is a mans world.
Heres me on my first day...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sorry to preach

Im not gonna preach about religion or anything but something I seriously think is an issue. Im really here to preach about animal cruelty, everyone needs to help with whether its turning vegetarian or vegan or refusing to wear fur and animal products! You can help!!! I havent worn makeup thats been tested on animals for almost ten years and Ive just recently turned vegetarian...again haha.
I think the reason why Im so into stopping animal cruelty is because animals dont have a voice and we need to be the voice for them! They need help and they cant do it alone. No one wants to see animals hurting so i think we all need to help.

Here's some sites that will give you alot of information...and on one you can take the vege pledge=D

But i know alot of people that love animals but dont wana become vego. But i think everyone expecially the girls should know what products DO NOT test on animals. So heres a site that tells you which products are safe=D

Makeup like Revlon and Maybeline test on animals=(

So i think everyone should do their part for animals who dont have a voice.

I like stuff

Saturday, June 26, 2010

School Time la la la la la

Im starting study tomorrow and Im oh so excited! I havent study anything since high school (and i hated high school) Monday to Thursday I'll be getting my backpack on with my lunch box skipping to the city to expand my mind.

(This is me skipping to school)
And I get to learn again! And even though i love sitting at home, in my snuggley bed, cuddling sticky and listening to vinyls I cant wait to start filling my days up with a routine hehe!
I like it! (I stopped there for a second my rats were fighting)
This is what I'll be working on for the year.

Im also hoping if all goes well, that I'll be getting a transfer to either Melbourne or Sydney so I can get the best out of my study!!!
Wish me luck!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Because tonight I had a rather nasty encounter with a WHITE TAIL SPIDER in my kitchen.

My sheets and everything are in the kitchen so im gonna have to wash them just incase theres heaps more! Im scared I dont like spiders :(


My sega collection is coming along greeeeat!

I have the following.

Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog 2 and the sonic and knuckles connection catridge
World of Illusion starring Micky mouse and donald duck
Jungle book
Alex Kidd
Slyvester and Tweety
Krusty's super fun house
The revenge of Shinobi
Super league baseball
Lion King
Dessert Demolition with Road Runner and Wile E Coyote
Spont goes to Hollywood
and The little mermaid is coming on its way:)

Also purchasing Jarassic park, spider man and Quackshot.

AND STILL looking on ebay at Toy Story and crashdummies!

Cant wait to have so much more!

You dont win friends with Salad

Hehehe that made me giggle.
But either way I have decided that after the chicken in my freezer is gone im going to start a vegetarian diet.
With my certain body type my metabilism suits a vegetarian diet because I lack vitamin B&C and meat bloats in my stomach (No i dont fart constantly) haha but it swells ups and makes me sick and causes me to have reflux=( yucky!

But vegetarianism is healthy and better for the environment. Go on this site and read the 21 reasons why its best to be a vego. Their all true facts!!

I think everyone should turn vegetarian. You shouldnt eat an animal unless your prepared to kill and gut it yourself. Unlike indigenous people all around the world we kill our animals inhumanly and waste most of the meat anyway. Indigenous people use everything, all the meat, fur and bones for everything and actually appreciate the animal and bless it...we dont. We just throw the fur and bones away and turn it into something disgusting like ferterlizer or food for the animals.
Anyways enough of my vego jibber jabber. Soon enough once i gather lots of recipes and vitamins I shall be a vegie :) Very happy about that.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Going to rehab=(

Ebay is so good! A whole world full of cheaply made clothes from Hong Kong i can get my hands on and all the vinyls that Adelaide cant possibly offer. If Ebay was a person, I'd give it a big kiss mmmmmmwah!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nice girls

Do they always finish last?

"You're too sweet for rock and roll"
"Sweet? Where do you get off? Where do you get sweet? I am dark and mysterious, and pissed off! And I could be very dangerous to all of you! You should know that about me... I am the enemy!"


Listening to DevilDriver makes me happy=) I dearly love Metal and couldnt imagine listening to anything else that doesnt involve heavy bass's, tuned down guitars and double kicks on the bass drums!!!!

Hahahaha I just had the sweeetest thing happen to me! It was in reply to deleting my facebook...

dont do that brooklyn
wrote you this haiku i did
to keep facebook up

NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! thanks scott :) Ive never had a poem written for me. Its not anything special but i found it adorable haha.

Even though I did end up deleting facebook. Man I cant believe how much I relied on that thing. It kinda became a lil stupid about how much I was checking it. I would write an update, sign out, then sign back in to see if anyone commented it annnnnd this would go on all day. Then I started getting really weirdy by being like "Why is she talking to him she hates him! why are they talking to her? Why is he adding my friends? Why is she poking him instead of me!" hahahaha weird hey? But apparently im not the only one who does this. Heaps of people go this nuts on Facebook because its so nosey. It allows you to know everything and anything about a persons life without even trying! Its like you know a person without even meeting them...I dont like that. I was rather concerned and embarassed about my actions so decided to delete it and go back to myspace and you know...knowing people in real life haha.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Motorhead always give me the words when I cant quite get them out...

Don't you speak of lies to me,
After all the deeds are done,
After all the smoking guns,
Don't speak to me of lies.
Don't you try to scold me now,
Don't you try to hold me now,
Don't start acting cold right now,
Don't you even try.
Nothing is the same for us,
All the times are changed for us,
All things fault and blame for us,
Good times laid aside.

So now we are the lost,
And now we are the last,
Living in a nightmare,
Broken dreams, love turned mean,
Living in the past.

Don't you speak to me no more,
After what you said before,
After all the things you swore,
Don't speak to me no more.
Don't you know the way we are,
Black enough to hide the stars,
Made us take our rage too far,
Don't you know at all.
Nothing is what we have now,
Nothing is what we're allowed,
Nothing but an echo now,
Nothing like before.

So now we are the lost,
And now we are the last,
Living in a nightmare,
Broken dreams, love turned mean,
Living in the past.
Living in the past.

I will never take the blame,
Don't twist the truth, don't be a whore,
Tell the truth & shame the devil,
Don't you lie no more.
I will never understand,
How we came to this sad place,
Just to look at your sad face,
Castles made of sand.
Here we are, so we do,
What we had is now untrue,
What there was is lost and shamed,
Here we are again.

So now we are the lost,
And now we are the last,
Living in a nightmare,
Broken dreams, love turned mean,
Living in the past.

So now we are the lost,
And now we are the last,
Living in a nightmare,
Broken dreams, love turned mean,
Living in the past.
Living in the past.

Monday, June 7, 2010

With Imagination

Spongebob Squarepants is hilarious!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My rats drinking redbull

It already had coffee this morning and now shes running around like a nut!
Why is it that every animal i get is a nut? haha

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My ears are burning

For some reason I was sitting there thinking about all the things people have asked/assumed/thought or perscieved about me and felt the need to clear up the air about my most common mis haps!

*People often think im a real big, intimidating bitch*
This is totally not true and I have no idea how i could possibly be intimidating seeming as how Im only 5'4 and have the face shaped like a carebear haha. Ive had people in the past meeting me for the first time telling me that they've always wanted to come up and say hello but thought I would tell them to get fucked or something! Im no meany, Im actually a very big sweety!
I think people often take my tongue-in-cheek humour as a insult as everything i say is really sarcastic. I was also sadly born without that little voice that says "Think before you speak" and often ask questions and say things that people find rude or offensive. haha i dont think its a bad thing because alot of people who know me expect that from me anyway. But no im no bitch I can honestly say with a smile that im the happiest nicest person you will ever meet and will always have time to meet you.

*My boobs are fake*
NO MY BOOBS ARE NOT FAKE! Give me a jump rope and ill gladly demonstrate this to you!!!

*Im a whiney girlfriend*
Some people have had the most unfortunate encounters with me on specific nights (mostly in town). This is rare but some nights have led to tears, sickness and anger and have led some people to believe im like every other girl out there that cries, tantrums and screams when things dont go her way. The truth is im not like that, Im very relaxed unless people push my wrong buttons. But no one can honestly say that they've never had a bad night in town where your just in the most bitter mood. All i can say is that I am NOT a whiney, demanding, bitchy girlfriend and im sorry if you've ever seen me in a bad mood (you seriously caught on a once in a life time tanty haha)

*Im a follower*
Ive only heard this story through a previous friend of mine who is no longer in my life anymore. But people honestly thought that I was her fucking dog, like i was so far up her ass Id eat dog poo if she told me too! I will say right here right now that I THINK FOR MYSELF! I have my own morals, views, beliefs and personality and i dont expect anyone to try and live up to them (in most cases of course ie:friends, boyfriends, food). People actually avoided me because they thought i was exactly like her which embaressed me beyond belief. The most shocking out of all of these was this conversation

"Hello, I suppose im not allowed to speak to you hey?"
Me: "What? Whys that?"
"Because your friend hates me"

This i have heard from alot of people which actually offends me beyond belief that people think im like that. It doesnt matter if my friends hate you, thats their beef not mine. But if i have no reason to hate you than by all means feel free to come up and say hello. I will not hate someone for a trend and i wont hate someone because my friends do (of course there are exceptions ie:you killed my friends dog, you spat in their burger etc etc). I have my own fucking brain and i like to use it. I AM NO FOLLOWER!!!

*Im stupid*
People think this because i ask questions. Im really not afraid to ask a question if i have no idea what you mean, Im not gonna sit there like an idiot nodding my head when everyword you see is just flying over my head. yeah sometimes i do ask stupid questions but like my teacher told me "You'd rather be dumb for a second than dumb for the rest of your life"

*Im a flirt*
Look just because i hand out hugs and cuddles on a platter does not mean im a flirt or a whore or whatever, I honestly just like to show people that their loved and i like to give people cuddles. It makes me feel happy and i hope it makes them happy too. Im just a happy social person who likes to meet everyone and make them feel special so please dont think im hitting on you. Trust me you'll know if im hitting on you, I get verbal diarrhoea and tell you embarrassing things like "My feet stink" or "Oh man i just got my rags!" seriously im actually speaking from a memory...this did happen!

*I hate girls*
Ok i dont hate alllll girls....just most of them. Seriously, most of the girls i have met are seriously so dumb, lifeless and boring like speaking to a potato. Also most girls i meet look at me like I owe them something or give me the impression like i should be making a big deal over them or like their the coolest person alive because they have heaps of cool tattoos. Look really Im not the one for the celebrity status treatment ok, i dont care how many facebook friends you have, if you've been infront of a camera, in a band, or Axl Rose gave you a dollar once i dont CARE! Your just another face in the crowd to me and ill treat you like i would anyone else i meet for the first time with a nice smile and a "hello". If you are a interesting and nice girl and I can have an awesome conversation with you about music, clothes whatever than thats GREAT! I love meeting fantastic girls! But if you reject it then dont expect any fucking 2nd chances with me, I never forget first impressions bitches!

Ok and i think thats about it :) Ill add more if i think of any. Feel free to ask me any questions as well. Ill be more than happy to clear the air.


Probably just had the biggest life changing experience ever!
Sitting here on my bed trying to kill time with Motorhead, Vixen and Alley Catscratch playing in my stereo I start flicking through some bands ive been meaning to hear more of Crucified Barbara, nashville pussy's and Hysterica. I was reading a interview with the lead singer of Hysterica (which is an awesome swedish metal/rock n roll band) and she said something that struck me...

"It is difficult to find good musicians but it is even harder to find good female musicians. There are not so any girls who are willing to practise or sacrifice as much as necessary".

Ive been wanting to get a guitar for ages but it always seemed to fall off the map but i seriously just freaked out and started going through a frenzie to find my first guitar! Its not gonna be fantastic but i dont care I just wana play! I dont wana stop, I wana play this thing till my fingers bleed. I havent felt this way since i first touched my keyboard. When I bought my very first keyboard I got this amazing feeling! That instant rush where you can see all your dreams flash before your eyes and you feel like you can just grab them. I thrive on the cockiness and pride when you learn something new or you get better at something you've been practicing for so long! You play it and you just feel fantastic!
Everyday I play this keyboard and know Im just getting better and better! I wana do that with a guitar I wana play them both and i dont wana stop.

Lightening has struck. Im getting a FUCKING GUITAR!!!

Cute things from Asian stores

...really complete my life

I bought a new hello kitty mug today and had to stop myself buying a yoshi backpack because i love yoshi way too much.
Being surrounded by metal and cute fluffly things is what im all about! Also ebay and good food hehe.

I also love my rats

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dont be such a Pheobe

Well Ive been thinking long and hard over these past couple of weeks and I think its finally time i put down the old bottle for a while. My health is rather on the down side and i do believe i have a stomach ulcer :(
Not meaning to say that my whole life is about drinking but its just nice going out and seeing everyone and catchin up all at the same time. Its just easier and i like to dance haha.
Been noticing these past couple of weekends that my drinking behaviour is absolutley shameful!!! Im seriously acting like a 16 year old kid on goon haha. Im slurring, I cant stand straight, suddenly breaking out into cold sweats and then loosing conciousness, throwing up, hang overs THE LOT! And the most HILARIOUS part of all this is....wait for it....this is only after 4 drinks, count em, FOUR drinks! I cant believe it alcohol is hitting me harder than Chris brown hit Rhianna (oh yeah, I went there).
Maybe its my bodies warning sign to say that I shouldnt be ruining my good lifestyle with booze (even though i rarely go out or drink that much for that matter) but everytime i do decide to have a little naughty time this happens. And seriously last weekend was my last straw passing out in the Enigma toilets lying in someone elses piss ISNT the way i wana end a night! It was terrible! And someone farted real bad in there as well and i had to smell that the whole time! haha.

And before you start swinging around your stories let me get one thing straight, I am NO WAY giving up alcohol forever and I am NOT straight edge (if you dont know what that is look it up) I am simply for the time being not drinking. Sure i might have one or two beers if the occasion calls for it but in the mean time no more heavy drinks. Im getting too sick from it and like i said before it is dearly affecting my health.
In a replacement of drinking i have decided to hold theme nights in my bedroom on saturday and friday nights ie: Taco & nacho night, pancake night, sushi night, snitzel pack nights and icecream night (what better way to replace alcohol than with food) and you are alllll welcome to watch movies and eat tacos with me. It would actually make me very happy if people did this with me because then i can show you all my new slippers tehehe.
Thanks for a-readin'

Friday, May 21, 2010

Women I admire

Bettie Page

Mz Ann Thropik

Marta (Bleeding Through)

Joan Jett


Lita Ford

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe

VIXEN ladies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I donts feel very pretty

Sometimes its just silly to ask "What girls are you into?" cos not matter what you hear the same thing. It saddens me to know that even the closest men i know like skinny blonde prissy bimbos who couldnt have an intelligent conversation even if they tried. Sometimes i think im doomed to being overlooked for the rest of my life because I actually have a fucking personality.

Im probably just having a real ugly girl moment i know but man, I feel so friggen ugly.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tattoo lazer removal? Looks like it

This isn't a decision ive taken lightly. Its actually something ive been pondering...pretty much the day i came home with a "completed" tattoo. But my mind is made up and Ill do whatever it back tattoo is coming off.

For all of you who have seen my back tattoo know exactly what im talking looks very amature. The moment i came home with it i told everyone "Looks like a 5 year old coloured my tattoo in with crayons!!!" haha.
The colour work is terrible, like a bunch of moosh, theres NO creativeness in my colour work seriously I could have done a better job. For line work id give about 8 out of 10 cos it was actually meant to be an "old school" inspired piece.
It was meant to have bold thick colours but with that faded touch. If anyones seen a sugar skull or anything with that old school style you'd know what im talking about.
But no, i came home with a horrible piece on my back that ive NEVER been happy with. I tried doing that whole "Ahhh learn from your mistakes" but i seriously cant stand having this thing on my skin. Tattoos on a girl are meant to make her look more beautiful but I just feel like Im one of those girls who got a backyard job! haha. But seriously I can think of a million things id want there instead! And im embarressed when people notice and wana take a look, expecially when ive got amazing colour work done by an AMAZING artists on my arm. That teaches me that i shouldnt rush ANY tattoo and i should have gone to an artist i knew and trusted. But a lesson learnt fucking hard and expensively.
So after...2 years of pondering i have decided im getting it lazered off. Im so excited for it cos I no longer have to feel embaressed. And in time when i start working and earning money (haha) Ill put an amazing work of art on my back that i can truely be proud of...probably a hello kitty picture or a Kerropi one haha but at least i can look at it and smile.

Anyway when I have the money the first thing im doing is getting my HIM tattoo something ive wanted since i was 14!!! But Im stuck between designs BAH! Which one??? Im more leaning towards the Razorblade.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The only ship that cant sink is a friendship

Hello everyone!
Sitting in my bed at 11am just after eating toast and my mind started ticking. And i thought...I miss true friends=( Its sad but true that the older you get the harder and harder it is to make friends again. Over the years Ive lost lots of friends and Im an open person so im always trying to make new ones, but it seems these days im only your friend after you've seen the end of 6 vodkas! Now I do like the occasional binge session of Maliu or Jacks but seriously its not my life! I dont need to drink to enjoy peoples company. What ever happened to friends that just came over and watched movies with you? Or go shopping? Or come over with lots of junk food and just talk crap? (Me and Kimmy are amazing at this haha) it seems those days are over and i miss them terribly :(. And to be perfectly honest im sick of making effort with people only to be rejected and ignored. It seems that im the one always doing the chasing and never getting anywhere. Thats something thats been going on for years that im just ARGH really sick of.
Ive always noticed with my 21 years on this earth that people with no personalities get all the friends and the people with personalities are left with no-one. The thing is people with no personalities are easy to mold so they can be whoever you wana be! Hence the reason their always "the best friend ever!". This annoys me alot, i seriously cant be friends with someone who is less interesting to talk to than a blanket.
But putting anger aside my point is that no one can just 'hang out' these days. All i wana do is have coffee dates, sushi trains, op-shopping, chill out and talk about music and clothes and just go on all day adventures.

Saying this, I may only have a few friends. But at least their good interesting people that always put a smile on my face :) I love my true friends.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Madonna is so old

I was just watching "up" and got so overwhelmed with the idea of love. It made me all happy and squishy like when the guy you like holds your hand for the first time or seeing a cute cat yawn in the pet shop. Its not secret, I am absolutely in love with love.

Who wouldnt be? Being with someone or loving something or someone is what make us so happy. It gives us warm fuzzy feelings and stops us from being alone. Im the happiest when i have someone who loves me. Cos i have alot of love to give, im a cuddly person and i talk non stop so its good to have someone there to pretend there listening and pat my head afterwards. I think thats one of my biggest downfalls, im way to sensitive and lovey dovey with everyone. I just wana skip around holding hands all day and cuddling in bed watching movies on a cold night. hehe. But im like that with animals too Sticky gives me so much joy and love that sometimes i cant contain myself and attack her with kisses. You may think "oh shes just a rat" WELL YOU CAN SHUT YOU UGLY FACE! haha. She's mine and so is Jessie (my dog) and they all give me love. I dont ever think i could die alone but knowing the success rate of relationships in my family 0.0% Im probably gonna have to buy a bunch of kitties and hug them and cuddle them all the time. All i want right now is hugs and kisses and sweet little cuddles but no ones here=( But the real point is, I love love and one day ill be all happy totally in love. But for now heres some photos that made me smile

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My bee got rained on.

The city is to vicious and dangerous lately. I dislike the city as two weekends in a row makes me a unhappy chappy. And alcohol makes me sick and i cant drinks anymore. So from now on people should come see me and watch movies and eat nandos with me=)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wana make food like this!!!

I wish i had a nose

I got this idea from reading someone else's blog. You pretty much just list things that you think people wouldnt know about you. Its very vain but kinda good i guess incase people wonder what your all about=)

*I love everything japanese, food culture, clothes, cartoons, language anything! Seriously anything cute or crap that comes from Japan i can get my hands on ill buy!

*Spongebob is the funniest cartoon ive ever seen besides Warner bro's cartoons with family racisim and cigar smoking bunny rabbits.

*(Figured i should clear the air here) Im not really into tattoos as much as people think. Im more into tattoo culture and the art side. Besides too many people have shit tattoos (yeah including me, getting it lazered off soon) in this city and get them just for the image so i kinda have my nose up in the air about it.

*90% of my conversation is said sarcasticly. Every sentence has a quote from the simpsons, family guy or a random movie so try to keep up.

*I hate people who care too much about spelling, who cares? you know what the word means so why make a big deal about it?

*I find it soooooo hard to find girlfriends! I've noticed that alot of girls my age tend to try and grow up too fast and act "mature". I really dont wana talk about what bad habits my boyfriend has or the new sheets i got for my bedroom. I just wana talk about music, clothes, makeup, Liam Neeson, heels, things girls should be talking about at my age. I have no interest in a white picket fence just yet.

*I cut up EVERY shirt i own and find it very hard to own a top without cutting it haha. I'll seriously look at a shirt and get an itch if its still got the collar on it haha.

*I love the manure smell of a cow truck....SO WHAT!

* I collect sega games and Super nitendo favourite is yoshi cos he's cute and green and green is my favourite colour.

*Im defiantly not one of those girls who "doesnt care about the haters" seriously, if i found out someone hated me for no reason id practically do anything to get them to like me! (if their worth it)

*I never think before i speak, Its all part of being welsh its hard for me not to be a loud, over the top, insulting, obnoxious.

*I think a womens vagina is like a precious jewel that should be polished and taken care of above everything in your life. I dont like people who thrash and destroy their precious jewels and then complain that their jewel is all scratch and musty looking.

* I love octopus's=)

*I FUCKING HATE WEED! Its the most vile, stupid, stinky drug ive ever seen! I cant stand the persona's that come out of people when their on that shit!!! their either stupid slow and retarded or their angry and dull. Id rather someone take pills then to smoke that shit around me!!!

*I really dislike controlling friends. Its my life so i will like or dislike anyone in my life that i choose. When people try to put their hatred towards other people on me i think its incredibly stupid and unfair.

* I love animals and have a pretty little rat that brings me lots of love and joy. I get incredibly annoyed when people think that just because its a rat that its worth nothing. You get attached to a rat just like a dog or a cat just because its small it doesnt mean it cant love. When my other rat past away i heard "Its just a rat, its no big deal" well hrmmmm maybe i should run over your dog and kill it, then afterwards ill say to you "Oh its just a dog, get a new one" same deal.

* Nothing in this world makes me happier than a hug and cuddles <3 Im a complete cuddle monster and could spend hours just cuddling. I even invented a cuddling position that suits males=) When Justin plays xbox and wrap my arms and legs around his back just like a koala so he can play un-interuptted while im being happy. I even gave it a name "The koala bear". When im drunk it gets fucking ten times worse, so people should be prepared for hugs when im around.

*I dont understand people who have casual relationships...seriously I would go mad! I mean far enough if it makes you happy but relationships are meant to be about love and you cant love someone who doesnt spend more than an hour at your house can you?

*i love horror movies expecially ones with lots of gore and blood and rusted bloody rooms...hence the reason Saw, Silent hill and hostel are up my alley.

*Teeth make me sick, if you hit my tooth i will start crying. I hate spiders ill cry and scream if i see one, its no joke i am actually petrified of spiders but will hold a snake anyday=)

*I love burlesque.

*I hope to be out of Adelaide in a year and out of this country in 3 years.

And thats it.