Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Man Im so pissed. What is with Australia's half assed winter? All year and all summer Ive been so keen for stormy nights, chilly days and rugging up and drinking coffee. And what do I get? Approximately a total of 1 weeks heavy rain, ONE night storm and TWO so-so rainy nights. IS THAT IT!? Is that all i get?

All those crazy stupid people who love the boiling hot 40 degree heat waves in summer get 5months of their weather! All i ask for is 3 months of beautiful weather where Im not sweating like crazy, shooing away flies, getting burnt, feeling sticky, not sleeping all night and being hot and bothered.
I just want a nice winter with endless stormy nights, cold icey breeze, waking up in the morning seeing ice on the lawn, laying in bed and listening to the rain hit your roof, cuddling in a warm bed drinking hot chocolate and rugging up during the day in your scarf's and beanies=) Why cant I have my nice weather? Everyone gets boiling hot days how come i cant be cold? I counting the days until I move to a nice icey climate where I can be a rugged up little igloo and smile all the time because im not hot.

I want this.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My babies

(uptop) sticky on her first rainy day! She got all flickery and happy because all these rain drops were falling her head.

Flower, my little marshmellow this was when she was still small and heaps shy. Now shes all big and adventurous and is bigger than Sticky now!
I love how they snuggle up and keep each other warm. Just like in this photo when Sticky was mothering a very small and scared baby Squeaky which now belongs to Justin.

My so attached to my babies, everyday morning when i wake up, I go to their cage and take them out and cover them with kisses!!! Then i take them in my room for them to have a run around and for me to tickle them (they love being tickled).
I go to school then rush home and cover them with kisses again! When I spend a night away i get heaps upset and think about them constantly! One night i missed them so much i started crying!!!
But this is just a dedication to my babies to say they bring me so much love and happiness and they give me something to wake up too=)

Friday, July 16, 2010

If i was a cartoon character....

I'd defiantly be Toot from Drawn Together. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha....

Monday, July 12, 2010

My phone face

Apparently I just make this real ugly weird face when im talking on the phone haha heres a photo!

hahaha i was at burp...mmmmm burito!

First day of study

Was awesome!!! My teacher is super awesome and is in a band too.
Annnnnnnnd...Im the only girl in my class haha WOOOOO girls toilets all to me!
It just proves how much music is a mans world.
Heres me on my first day...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sorry to preach

Im not gonna preach about religion or anything but something I seriously think is an issue. Im really here to preach about animal cruelty, everyone needs to help with whether its turning vegetarian or vegan or refusing to wear fur and animal products! You can help!!! I havent worn makeup thats been tested on animals for almost ten years and Ive just recently turned vegetarian...again haha.
I think the reason why Im so into stopping animal cruelty is because animals dont have a voice and we need to be the voice for them! They need help and they cant do it alone. No one wants to see animals hurting so i think we all need to help.

Here's some sites that will give you alot of information...and on one you can take the vege pledge=D

But i know alot of people that love animals but dont wana become vego. But i think everyone expecially the girls should know what products DO NOT test on animals. So heres a site that tells you which products are safe=D

Makeup like Revlon and Maybeline test on animals=(

So i think everyone should do their part for animals who dont have a voice.

I like stuff