Monday, July 19, 2010

My babies

(uptop) sticky on her first rainy day! She got all flickery and happy because all these rain drops were falling her head.

Flower, my little marshmellow this was when she was still small and heaps shy. Now shes all big and adventurous and is bigger than Sticky now!
I love how they snuggle up and keep each other warm. Just like in this photo when Sticky was mothering a very small and scared baby Squeaky which now belongs to Justin.

My so attached to my babies, everyday morning when i wake up, I go to their cage and take them out and cover them with kisses!!! Then i take them in my room for them to have a run around and for me to tickle them (they love being tickled).
I go to school then rush home and cover them with kisses again! When I spend a night away i get heaps upset and think about them constantly! One night i missed them so much i started crying!!!
But this is just a dedication to my babies to say they bring me so much love and happiness and they give me something to wake up too=)

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