Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Man Im so pissed. What is with Australia's half assed winter? All year and all summer Ive been so keen for stormy nights, chilly days and rugging up and drinking coffee. And what do I get? Approximately a total of 1 weeks heavy rain, ONE night storm and TWO so-so rainy nights. IS THAT IT!? Is that all i get?

All those crazy stupid people who love the boiling hot 40 degree heat waves in summer get 5months of their weather! All i ask for is 3 months of beautiful weather where Im not sweating like crazy, shooing away flies, getting burnt, feeling sticky, not sleeping all night and being hot and bothered.
I just want a nice winter with endless stormy nights, cold icey breeze, waking up in the morning seeing ice on the lawn, laying in bed and listening to the rain hit your roof, cuddling in a warm bed drinking hot chocolate and rugging up during the day in your scarf's and beanies=) Why cant I have my nice weather? Everyone gets boiling hot days how come i cant be cold? I counting the days until I move to a nice icey climate where I can be a rugged up little igloo and smile all the time because im not hot.

I want this.

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